Jonathan Martin

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‘The work of Jonathan Martin (b. 1986, Les Lilas, lives and works in Florac) includes films and editions, connected by his interest in popular music, countercultural traditions, and the transformative potentialities of media technologies. His 16mm films share an focus on sensation and a predilection for austere structures. Martin's emphasis on cooperative practices of autonomous production manifests itself in several editorial projects, including the zine Turpentine, started in 2013 with Jean-Luc Blanc and Mimosa Echard, and The Sweet Press, founded in 2020 with Céleste Lerouxel.’ Natasha Northam

‘Recomposing systems formed of echoes, migrations, tensions and interactions between esthetic and cultural motifs that are at times quite unrelated, Jonathan Martin views art as a poetics of passage where permutations and displacements offer the possibility of a new narrative.’ Julien Fronsacq